Ignaty Nikulin

Hi there, I am Ignaty Nikulin, London based entrepreneur, web designer & front-end developer.

I do job well for its own sake. I imbue my every process with the skill, integrity, and value of a true craftsman and you should follow me on that twitter thing here.

Ignaty Nikulin

I live in London, UK with my wife and our two cats (as expected from a real expert in my industry) where I spend my days working on a start-up I co-founded named Social Brand Match as also playing with my smaller projects, CSS Pandemic — the place where I collect and share beatiful websites and We Heart Latvia — the website about small but beautiful country I was born in.

Some people call what I do user experience design, some call it web design, some think I am a developer, others see me as a designer or as an analyst or even as an architect. I see what I do as a combination of all these things ultimately and don't think it really matters which label you like to use.

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